I have no idea who started this whole athleisure thing (athletic wear + leisure wear in case you’ve just crawled out from under a rock), but I would like to express my deepest gratitude to them and like maybe be friends? call me? We could get coffee in our lulu pants or wear our Nikes and walk our dogs or something.

Anyway, on to the goods. And I want to be clear here, I’m not talking about just wearing Lulus and some Nikes…I am committed to the athleisure lifestyle, I live and breath comfy and do to the same you’re going to need these basics and iconic stores:

1. Calvin Klein Bralettes

Ok everyone knows the first rule of comfy is no underwire bras. Enter ~the bralette~ which I hypothesize must have been invented by a woman because it’s genius. I especially like the ones with the Calvin band at the bottom because they never dig in but still keep you secure. These ones are only $24.99 on sale for at Hudson’s Bay for Bay Days so I don’t mean to make you panic…but like run.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 3.52.41 PM.png

Calvin Klein Two-Pack Radiant Bralettes, Hudson’s Bay $68

2. Lole Emeline Jacket 

I don’t think I’ve very gotten so many compliments on a plain black jacket. This is one of those magical jackets that fits into like a sandwich bag, which is incredible if you like to fly carry-on only like myself (like I did to Montreal a few weeks ago, see my travel diary here!). It’s a slim fit and scoops at the back so it actually looks cute despite being a puffer. I don’t mean to go on about this but its SO warm…and I’m a baby when it comes to the cold so that’s saying a lot. Since I’ve purchased they’ve come out with many more (and much cuter) colour options, and if this is your first time purchasing from Lole you get 15% off your purchase. In conclusion, go puffer crazy you have my permission just don’t ask me how to pronounce the brand name ok.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 4.04.00 PM.png

Emeline Jacket, Lole $125

3. Ivy Park Slide Sandals 

I wouldn’t recommend these for actual athletic endeavours but I would for general life galavanting. I personally have a beef with socks…as in I hate them with all my heart and soul (winter is a hard time for me) and so I love a a shoe I can throw on, and run out the door with. They’ve since changed the design of the ones I have, but the new ones are ‘ight and only $30 on Bay Days I can not make these deals up people.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 4.18.03 PM

Ivy Park Slides, Hudson’s Bay Company $60

4. Joe Fresh Jogger Pants 

This is the reason I didn’t include any leggings in this guide, because once you wear them once you literally will want to throw your Lulus in the garbage (but don’t cause like that’s an expensive toss). These ones are on $29 bucks so you can get them in the wild orange colour they have going on too, how very on brand of them.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 4.10.04 PM.png

Crop Linen Blend Jogger, Joe Fresh $29

5. Nike Theas 

You knew there was Nikes coming and I tried my hardest not to include them because like who doesn’t own a pair of Nikes?? But I had to because I have approximately 1,000 pairs and I only use one for actual exercise. My favourite non-exercise exercise pair are the Theas because they feel like walking on a cloud and who doesn’t want that, plus they make me look cooler than I actually am which I appreciate from a shoe. I liked them so much I bought them twice! Yes I am that sick in the head that I also bought that metallic blue version but I have no regretted it a day in my life.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 4.23.03 PM.png

Nike Air Max Thea, Foot Locker $125

6. Ivy Park Crop 

Everyone is screaming at this point “but ALY I NEED A TOP PLEASE” and I know please chill I’ll answer all your prayers. This crop. I already included an Ivy Park item but it’s Beyonce’s line so you had to know that more than one piece would be SNATCHED. Plus we need to support her…she and Jay-Z have like no money. Anyway, I think I wore this shirt like 5/7 days last week and I’m not mad about it.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 4.29.35 PM

Logo Flat-Knit Cotton Cropped Tee, Hudson’s Bay Company $75

And with that you’ll be all set to hit the town looking like sporty spice. If anyone asks you how you got such an incredible effortless style don’t mention me because I don’t have time to be a blogger AND stylist jeez.

Later lovelies!


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