As graduation looms just around the corner (as in like today…it was literally today send help), it’s had me thinking about my past four years and how they’ve felt like four months. I will warn that this post may sound a tad bit braggy…but like I’ve suffered through university for the past four years of my life so give me this ok. For everyone else this is a post letting you know that you can do literally anything you want no matter what anyone says. Even though that sounds super cheesy you LITERALLY CAN…and here’s my example for ya:

When I first started university everyone was like “wow you have so far to go…you’re just starting out…you’re gonna be studying all the time blah blah blah.” So I decided pretty early on I was gonna get this shit done in four years. I had things to do and places to see and I wasn’t down to sit in a classroom for any longer than I had too. I share the wide-spread feeling that many university students share of wanting to spend as little time on campus as possible, and I wholeheartedly admit that. The point is that everyone, fellow students, academic advisors, more adulty adults, EVERYONE, told me I wouldn’t be able to finish in four years. There would be schedule conflicts, or I’d change my major, or I’d fail a class (those people didn’t know me very well) because life gets in the way. But I DID IT. I mean my sister did her science in four years and she’s still alive and breathing (kinda) so why couldn’t I. On top of this I decided to skate…I mean I love to skate so why would I stop. Only trouble was the practices were three times a week at 6:30 a.m. and the competitions meant that most of the winter semester weekends I spent on the road touring rural Manitoba. But as I previously mentioned I LOVE to skate, so I got my ass out of bed and I DID IT. While all y’all were sleeping I might add. Not to toot my own horn but it was the best decision ever, and those 16 other people getting up at 6:30 a.m. to meet at the campus rink became my second family.

Moving right along to second year I decided I wanted a job. The way my school was structured, we had a condensed week of classes that ran Monday to Thursday, and because I was skating so early I scheduled all my classes in the morning so I could get back to my bed lickidy split by afternoon. So I asked my mom if she thought it was a good idea and she said, “you can sleep when you’re dead.” So even though I had to commit to every Winnipeg Jets home game as a result of my position I DID IT ANYWAY. With school and skating and when people asked how I had the time I said because I didn’t want to give any of them up.

So then in third year of university, ya know the year where they really hit ya hard with those required courses (pour one out for all those we lost in that Corporate Finance final), I decided I should really get my life together and get an internship because I didn’t have enough on my plate. But I ended up snagging a super cool one at Boeing and got to learn a bunch of stuff about planes and then write about it and make videos and basically whatever other content I wanted and it was SO COOL. When people asked how I had the motivation to drive all the way over to the airport two days a week on top of everything else, I knew it was because I genuinely enjoyed going so I DID THAT TOO.

This brings us to year four where the previously mentioned surrounding folks knew I had gone completely psychotic when I decided to start a blog. Throughout my four years of research papers and group projects I realized that I had stopped writing for fun and that made me sad. I wanted a place where I could spew out whatever I wanted to talk about and wouldn’t get a grade on it (my sister and mother do still give me grades on these but we like to call it constructive criticism). So when everyone said I should maybe wait until I graduated to take on another thing…you guessed it I DID IT ANYWAY.

The point of this entire post is not to make you feel like you need to take the entire world on your shoulders, or do everything that comes your way. The point is to know yourself and believe in what you’re capable of even when people are at your neck saying it’s impossible. I was able to do university full time, and have a part time job, and skate three times a week, and have an internship and start a blog, because they were all things I genuinely loved and wanted to be doing. Do you know how easy it is to get up at 6:30 a.m. when you know you get to go skating with some of your best friends? So when people ask how I did all those things without going insane, I first of all reply I was already insane but then reiterate that you can do literally anything you want if you put your mind to it (see the beginning of this post).

Moving on to the question that every grad hates…what now. Well since you asked Susan (the Aunt-like figure I picture asking me this repeatedly), I’ve had a lovely month of doing absolutely nothing and living my best life. It has been a great decompress and I would highly recommend for anyone that has no responsibilities, bills, or physical belongings to take care of such as myself. I took a trip to Spain, spent a week at my family cabin, visited with friends, and was overall a complete transient. Starting in July I’ll be heading to my first REAL JOB (one with a contract that says scary things like “benefits” and “employed indefinitely”) in Toronto at a super dope tech start-up doing cool marketing and events things. They told me they had an office dog and I said say no more I’m in. I’m sure I’ll tack on one hundred other things to that once I’m settled but for now that’s where you can find me.

If you’re still in university and it feels like its a never-ending hell, enjoy the hell. Because it will be over is 2.5 seconds and you’ll be happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time. It’s miserable and magical oh yeeeahhhhhh (no copyright intended). As for me I’ll be a working gal, exploring a new city, trying every brunch spot and hitting every market, and writing all about it on here for you all. Back Aly Blog takes TO!



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