It’s nice to think that once you get your acceptance letter, and brave your orientation, that you should be good to go for a lovely four year degree right? Nope… but I was equally as naive, so I thought I could save you all the time and frustration and just let you know in advance a few little tidbits that you will definitely use and definitely thank me for.

This is the first part of a series I’m starting call Uni Days, sharing all my university wisdom from inside and outside of the classroom over the past four years. If this stuff if your jam you’re in luck because I have much more to share. If you missed my previous post go check it out too, What I wish I’d known before I started applying for my first job.


Literally sounds like it could be the name of a professor, but trust me it is much much more useful. Ok listen to this. You put your school in. You put your class in. You put your professor in. AND IT GIVES YOU THE NOTES FOR THE CLASS. All of them. I mean if its a really obscure class you may be disappointed, but most are on there and its incredible. I know what you’re thinking, “but Aly, in University doesn’t everyone go to class and read the textbook like in High School???” And my answer to that is LOL. Moving on.

Forward your emails.

Idk if this is a thing at all universities and colleges, because I have not attended ALL universities and colleges, but you’re only allowed to send emails regarding school things from your school email. They’ll legit screen you I’m not joking around. I’ve accidentally sent an email to a prof from my Gmail and was GHOSTED.  At the same time, they will only sent you back emails to your school account. It’s a lot and having a Gmail, hotmail and university email requires a level of effort I’m not willing to put forward. Do yourself a favour and forward all those email accounts to the one your use predominantly. You’ll thank me when a prof sends an email cancelling class the morning of and you hop right back into bed while others show.

Get to know your Google Drive.

I realized this is a tool that lots of people don’t know about when I took at first year class in my fourth year and blew some young minds. Everyone creates their free Gmail account, everyone gets added to a Google Document, SpreadSheet, or Slides, and then everyone can work on it and see each others changes in real time without having to meet a single time which is perfect because I lived like 45 minutes from the university and ain’t nobody got time for that. Honestly I owe 75% of my degree to Google Drive and if I was to ever give some sort of acceptance speech they’d be right in there next to mom.

Don’t buy your textbooks (sorta). 

A very strategic ~sorta~ has been placed after this one and it warrants explanation. What I mean is first and foremost do not buy your textbooks from the bookstore…because you don’t even know if you need them yet. My rule of thumb was to wait for two weeks (or the equivalent of four classes) before determining if you’re going to make the splurge. This is a short enough time-frame into the semester that if you do end up needing it you can snag it and not be behind…so all you keeners quit shaking. Secondly, try and find a used version of your textbook either at a resale event (if your school puts those on, mine did and it was dope) or on amazon. Usually you can get a previous edition for WAY cheaper and there’s only a few apostrophes changed. So morale of the story is buy only if you need them and buy them at a deal, save your money for more important things like all the Starbucks coffee you’re going to need to read them.

Get Whatsapp.

I wanted to instead just put “get an iPhone” but I thought that would be rude. But we’ve all been there, when 4/5 group members have an iPhone making a group chat look promising and then that ONE guy has a Samsung and holds it up proudly. If you’re new here it basically just lets you have group chats similar to iMessage but through an app. It takes up a ton of space on your phone so delete it in the summer.

Follow your school parking authority to get a better spot. 

Idk what school you’re going to be going to or their parking situation, but I think it is a common theme amongst most that parking is limited and finding a spot is anarchy. My school was massive, and so when you did find a spot it was several light years away from your class and we’re all about saving time here to spend on better things like sleeping. Lots of parking authorities will release reserved spots after the initial parking draw SO if you follow them on Twitter or their email newsletter you’ll know first if any open and snag them stat.

If you go by these you’ll be at least slightly more prepared than I was for the next four years, and probably get a lot more sleep than I did as well. Stay tuned for more university/college related posts coming soon!

Later Lovelies!



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